Monday, October 18, 2021

Jake Hotchkiss


Jake Hotchkiss is a house church pastor, author of "No Longer I", husband to an amazing and supportive wife, and a proud father of two.
image of jake hotchkiss and his family


Christians, We’ve Been Living Like Jews (Romans 6:1)

The first in a series, we see how truly relevant Romans is for the Church today.

How to Abide in Christ: What One Thing You MUST Do

I spent years of my Christian life trying very hard to abide in Christ. This year, I learned how.

Dear Believer, Your Heart Isn’t the Problem

One of the most common misconceptions is the state of a believer's heart.

Satan’s Favorite Tool

Protect yourself from the Devil by knowing how he works.

Prayer: A Game of Telephone

For a more interesting and Spirit-filled kind of prayer, try this.

3 Best Answers to the Question: Can Christians Do Yoga?

Yoga: Harmful, benign, or benefical to my Christian life?