Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Christians, We’ve Been Living Like Jews (Romans 6:1)

The first in a series, we see how truly relevant Romans is for the Church today.
decorative image of person rolling up a yoga mat

3 Best Answers to the Question: Can Christians Do Yoga?

Yoga: Harmful, benign, or benefical to my Christian life?
pigeon and seagull flying above body of water

How to Repent Better: Missing Steps to Perfect Freedom

How you repent could be the very thing keeping you enslaved to your sin.
statue of crying woman covering eyes with hands

If There’s One Thing You Shouldn’t Do on Good Friday, It’s This

Stop weeping FOR Jesus. Start weeping WITH him.
person holding babys hand

The Joys of Spiritual Infancy

Infancy is not the end goal of the Christian life, but embracing it can be a gift.